Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brazilian Hair Treatment: Before and After

Keratin Hair treatment, afterWe know how much you love learning more about the Keratin hair treatment. JSG's Hope tried it herself, we did our best to answer your questions about the keratin hair treatment, then we gave away a treatment. Here's our lucky reader, Joely, who won the Brazilian Blowout at NYC's Concept Salon.

This is Joely's hair before. She had straightened her hair that day with a straightening iron then put it into a ponytail.

This is Joely during the treatment. Stylist, Jo, applied the straightening solution, then blow dried Joely's hair straight to set it. After that she washed Joely's hair and used a conditioning mask.

Voila--the final results. Joely said she could feel a difference immediately.

Here's what Joely had to say two weeks after: All I can say is wow! You really don't even begin to appreciate what a great treatment this is until you wash and dry your own hair for the first time post-treatment. It's truly amazing how much time it saves me in the morning and I no longer have to use the straightener to get polished-looking hair. I even went to a wedding last weekend when it poured all day Saturday and everyone couldn't believe how my hair didn't frizz up at all! Thank you so much for this great opportunity!

Note: JSG readers get 20% off the Brazilian Blowout at the Concept Salon. Mention JSG when booking your appointment! Call 212-644-6366 to book.
For more on the Keratin Hair Treatment, see our Q&A with the specialist at the Warren Tricomi salon and our Q&A with the Keratin specialist at the Blackstone Salon.

See Hope's before and after photos of the Keratin treatment.

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