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More on Keratin Hair Treatment

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We know you guys have tons of questions about the Keratin treatment. What we didn't know is that our very own colorist, Joe Mullen at New York's Blackstones Salon is a pro. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about keratin treatments

What hair types is keratin right for?
The Keratin treatment can be done on ALL hair types.

Let's talk about what you mean by all. Is keratin safe for colored hair? Does it affect the color? Can you have it color and keratin done in the same day? Or do you need to stagger the appointments?
It is perfectly safe to do on color treated hair. As a matter of fact the best time to do it is after a chemical service. The Keratin Complex is not a chemical. It is a Keratin protein which is 88% of what hair is made of. Therefore, if the cuticle of the hair shaft has been open by a chemical process (color) the keratin protein is fused further into the hair shaft giving better, longer lasting results. It also enhances the color and makes it bright and shiny.

Fine hair?
It's awesome for fine hair because it infuses and coats the hair with the protein, which make the hair appear to be more full.

Damaged hair?
It amazing for damaged hair. Unlike the Japanese relaxer that can damage hair further (if not done properly, which most times is not) the Brazilian relaxer repairs the hair by replacing proteins and vitamins that have been taken out by chemical service or sun damage etc. It is essentially like putting hair in hair.

Does it work for African American hair?
I have not personally tried it on African American hair. But I would assume that it will because the hair is the same. The only difference is that it will not take out the "kinky curl", but it will soften and make it easy to blow dry.

For women who have very wavy or curly hair, how long until the curl/wave returns?
After the treatment the hair can not be wet or washed for three days. During this time the hair will be absolutely straight because the Keratin is infused into the hair with an iron. When the hair is washed after three days, with a SODIUM CHLORIDE FREE shampoo (very important), the natural texture will come back without the frizz and the curl will be much loser.

The great thing about this is that it gives the client the versatility to wear the hair with a more beautiful texture but also allows them to straighten it with the greatest of ease. Most clients report maintenance time to be greatly reduced and the texture of the hair to be amazing. My clients tell me this has changed their lives!

From what we understand, if your hair is straight and frizzy, it will be straight. If it's wavy it will be straight for the first few weeks. If you have serious curls, it may go wavy after a few weeks?
Remember, this is not a STRAIGHTENER. It eliminates frizz and softens the curl to make it more manageable. Clients who have straight frizzy texture will get a more smooth straight result. Whereas, clients with serious curl will have a frizz free softer curl. The curls are usually reduced by up to 30% depending on the client. The Keratin lasts for about 3 to 5 months fading as the hair grows out so there is NO demarcation line. The more damaged the clients hair the straighter the result and the longer it will last.

What are some of your clients biggest concerns?
Clients are usually concerned with the Formaldehyde content. There are three strengths that I know of: Formaldehyde free, 0.02% and 0.04% content. After extensive research I have found that these levels are well below that which is produced in our bodies naturally and that which you would find in ordinary cleaning products. Furthermore, the formaldehyde is produced in the steam that occurs during the blow drying and ironing. Once that is over, the levels are much less. These products are FDA approved and proven to safe by OSHA.

Let us know if you have any more questions for Joe!

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Jordana Lorraine said...

Great article on keratin treatments! As a Specialist on the topic, I would like to address some of the points here with a few important details:

1) Some of these products actually come with up to 4% formaldehyde in them; not .04% as the article says. It's an easy mistake to make, because .04 IS 4%, but .04% is 4/100ths of a percent. Gramatically, it's like saying 4pm in the afternoon; redundant. But realistically, that is 100x the difference! Be careful. There are many formaldehyde-free keratin treatments out there which are highly effective without the potential risks associated with formaldehyde exposure. I work with three such products, as I am not comfortable exposing my clients, myself or the staff around me to such strong chemicals.

2) The article says "Keratin Complex is not a chemical." This is untrue. Keratin Complex by Coppola, and all keratin treatments do have chemicals in them. What do you think makes them last for 3 months? The accurate statement here is that they don't CHEMICALLY CHANGE the hair, because the keratin and smoothing agents are bonded onto the outside of the hair and slowly fade away.

3) Does that 3 day waiting period sound like a pain? It is. Most keratin treatments make the client leave with flat-ironed hair, not knowing their results, and with a list of rules about not wearing ponytails, clips, sweating on their hair during those 3 days, etc. Only Brazilian Blowout™ has no down time!!! You see your results THAT DAY, and don't have to wait to wash, work out, or wear a pony. This convenience factor is major for some women, myself included! (I am a keratin treatment client too)

organic foundation said...

That would be nice infact when the frizziness relaxes yet the natural curls of the hair some what there...the very straight fall of the hair is no more in style.

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