Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Custom Flip Flops

When asked about our best secret for packing, we always say: Limit your shoes. Now with the new SwitchFlops, that rule can go out the window! With interchangeable straps, you can create many customized flip flops without the bulk of extra shoes in your suitcase.

Start by matching a shoe sole color (black, tan, white, brown, blue or pink) with your favorite style — kitten heel, flat or wedge (starting at $35). While each flip flop is already fashioned with a pretty strap, you can also purchase additional styles from a huge selection of interchangeable straps (starting at $12). From metallic rhinestone buttons to vibrant floral prints, a Velcro design makes it easy to switch out straps within seconds to match any outfit or mood. With so many colors and combinations, you can create a flip flop for every occasion!

We can thank designer Lindsay Phillips for this genius concept that stemmed from a high school art project. We give her an A+ for granting flip flops so much versatility. Visit Switchflops.com to design your own shoes … and don’t forget a few extra straps. You can order online, or find a retailer near you. We're currently being tempted by the brown Taylor wedge and Jenna strap combo.

Like the idea but want a dressier shoe? Check out these sandals with interchangeable straps.

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