Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eric Ripert: Avec Eric

Between the Woodstock-themed fashion story that features Dree Hemingway and Jennifer Jason Leigh and the shots of cover girl, Kate Moss, be sure not to miss the one-pager on Eric Ripert in the September issue of W. Eric is the sexy chef of NYC's Le Bernadin and Blue in Grand Cayman--and come fall he's the star of PBS's Avec Eric. He's a chef's chef and the show takes a behind the scene look in his kitchens. Each episode ends with Eric preparing what W calls, "a masterly, but manageable dish in a home kitchen." We're dubious about that last part, but our DVR is set!


Boulley said...

he is on the cover of a new magazine called The FOOD Magazine. mmm, Eric Ripert is one hell of a dreamy chef

Miss Journey said...

aawww. I love him. He's one of my fave guests to appear on Top Chef. I'll have to put his NYC restaurant on my todo list.

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