Sunday, September 6, 2009

Serena Williams Jewelry

Serena Williams is rolling over her opponents at the U.S. Open; and she's making a name for herself off the tennis court too. Her latest endeavor is the Signature Statement Collection of jewelry and fashion which you can find on See Serena live on September 18th on the HSN discussing her products. She's wearing her Signature Iconic Heart Pave Pendant Necklace in the picture above while playing double with her big sis Venus.

We are digging this Metal Metallic Stunning Stretch Tennis Bracelet, not only would it look great with everything we have; but it costs a mere $40. It also comes in silver.

Serena also released On the Line this month about her struggles with tennis injuries and how she slipped in the rankings from first to 200+ and back to first place.

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