Friday, September 18, 2009

Product Review - Nivea Body Wash - Product Review

We’ve been using Nivea’s “A Touch of Bliss” body wash for the past month and we must say we really like it! The thing you will notice first is how good it smells. Not only does it leave your skin smelling fresh and delicious, but it also makes your entire bathroom smell like a floral fruit salad! It does not feel heavy on your skin and it does not leave any sort of filmy residue. With or without moisturizing after using the body wash, our skin is noticeably softer. Although we are certainly not doctors, we think that this body wash would be good for anyone’s skin. It does not seem like it would irritate or exacerbate any existing skin problem. In fact, we found the only negative thing it does is attract more bug bites because it smells so good! However, the men in our lives don’t seem to be complaining!

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