Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Best Eyebrow Pencil Ever

Darac Beauty Brow Trio Pencil
We're always on the hunt for eyebrow pencils for our blonde eyebrows. Our current fave is the Brow Trio Pencil from Darac Beauty. We had the opportunity to meet Darac, the QVC star, a few weeks back courtesy of Daily Makeover. It's easy to see why Darac is on QVC--his larger than life personality was made for TV. It's hard for us to describe the Brow Trio Pencil better than Darac does on his own website, "A bright young even face is what attracts the men, it’s written in their DNA. Brows are the easiest place to set the stage for that balanced youthful look." Damn! Can we order 10 of them?

The genius of the Darac Brow Trio Pencil is the tri-action. One end is a brush, one end is an angled brow pencil that truly is as "goof-proof" as Darac claims it is, and the third is a highlighting powder. Darac recomends you use it "above and below brows to add instant symmetry and youth." We're in love!

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Natural Skin Care said...

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