Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sponsored Post: Win a Trip to Sydney!

Are you familiar with the Lifepoints App on Facebook? You get points for any number of life activities ranging from the extremely basic (Learn to talk); to the painful (Watch your best friend flirt with your significant other) to the aspirational (Publish a book).

What does this have to do with Australia? From now until October 31 enter to win a trip for two to Sydney via Facebook and Lifepoints. First, fan Sydney on Facebook, download the Sydney Lifepoints App, then write in 30 words or less on the Sydney Fan page what Sydney Life Experience you would most like to have.

For those who aren't sure where to start, here are a few ideas, courtesy of the Sydney Lifepoints App:

• Climb to the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge
• Head for the clouds at Sydney Tower
• Cruise Sydney Harbour on the Manly Ferry
• Discover Sydney's underworld of tunnels
• See sharks and crocodiles in the underwater world at Sydney Aquarium

(Hopefully not on the list is experiencing a dust storm like the one Sydney had this week.)

Check back in over the next couple of weeks--we'll be sharing stories of our own adventures in Sydney, including climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and checking in with local Aussie experts on their favorite adventures.

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