Monday, September 28, 2009

Makeup at the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show

We went backstage at the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show during fashion week to hear and see the latest from some of fashion's greatest hair and makeup professionals. Amidst the chaos of photographers and models running in from various shows with wet hair, we managed to grab a quick couple of minutes with MAC's Lisa Butler. She explained to us the vibe she was going for and how it correlated with Tommy's new line that was being displayed this season during fashion week. The overall look for the models was "sweet." The models looked sophisticated, yet they also incorporated the girl-next-door look. Lisa said (in a British accent that made us jealous) that they had a "blond, American look" which embodies Tommy Hilfiger's line of clothing.

She pulled off the look by using Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation with SPF 15 and a natural finish cream which consists of a water-powder mineral blend. This keeps the skin looking fresh without being cakey. For the eyes, she used Nanogold eyeshadow, for the cheeks she used Rosy Outlook, and for the lips, she used a lipstick that has yet to be named but it looks like a pink bubblegum. To finish the look, she used a light coat of mascara and a clear brow set. The makeup did not overpower the models, nor was it meant to catch your attention. Like his clothing, it was supposed to look natural and wearable.

Be sure to check out Tommy's new flagship store on 5th Avenue and 54th next time you're in NYC!

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