Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Wonderbar

Balance is important in all aspects of life and that includes diet, fitness and beauty. So when I heard of the Wonderbar, a cleaning product that promised to bring skin to its natural pH balance, I couldn’t resist trying it out. It is a natural product, made from algae extracts and special clay from Austria, and is universally suitable for all skin types.

After just 2 weeks of use, I am noticing softer and more radiant skin on my face and hands. I have a big dry hands problem and am constantly applying hand cream that just seems to sit on top of my skin without absorption but the Wonderbar helped my moisturizer to penetrate and actually work better. I could also feel less tightness on face after a hot shower (which is normally very drying) if I use the Wonderbar beforehand.

I was lucky not have had a “healing crisis”, which occurs when your skin gets worse before it gets better, although this may happen to some users.

A friend of mine, who has struggled with mild acne in her adulthood, had also heard about the product through some beauty blog buzz and raves about it saying: "The Wonderbar healed my acne quickly and my pores were smaller."

Get a 80gm Wonderbar (pictured here) for $105 at: www.WonderBarUSA.com which is a 3-4 month supply. Also available in a 6-8 week supply, 25 gm for $40.

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