Sunday, February 14, 2010

Band of Outsiders Fall 2010

We stopped by the Band of Outsiders presentation last night at the MAC/Milk Studios. We were too enchanted by the sets to really notice the clothes. We tweeted that it was like the morning after the Ice Storm, meaning that it felt like spoiled rich kids from Connecticut had broken into their parents liquor stash and thrown a party.

Playing backgammon on the back of daddy's Jag.

The bedazzled walkie talkie was a huge hit.

We personally loved the vintage luggage.


Style (R)evolution said...

Love the pics!!! said...

Do you need tickets to attend this events at Milk Studios? I am staying in the Meatpacking District for the week and would love to supplement my experience - so far I've only seen shows in the tents. Thanks!

The Jet Set Girls said...

TIB-You do need tickets, but if you have a backstage pass, they're pretty nice at MILK about letting you in.

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