Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ralph Lauren Olympic Collection

The U.S. Olympic athletes will be outfitted by Ralph Lauren for the 2010 Winter Games.  It's more sporty than the Summer 2008 collection; but just as put together.  The collection is available for purchase on the Ralph Lauren website where you can also find some great information about the games and the athletes. We love the navy puffer jacket with the red stripe down the sleeves; but could do without the oversized logo. As far as the tapered white pants, it takes someone in great shape to pull those off.

The Opening Ceremony Knit Sweater (wool/cashmere blend) is beautiful and wearable.  The Olympic patch on the sleeve makes it sporty; but not too much so.  It would be perfect on a ski trip.

The Olympic Ceremony Knit Hat would be great for a ski trip as well, though we can't see wearing it on 5th Avenue.  Since it's unisex, we think it'd make a great gift for your SO and a not too gaudy souvenir from the Olympic Games.

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