Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hair and Makeup at Thuy

Hair and Makeup at Thuy

Along with a great collection, one of the most prominent beauty trends of the season, the red lip, was seen at Thuy. We got a chance to peek behind the backstage doors to get a sneak peek on the beauty and hair styles seen at the Thuy show. To create the red lip, the lead makeup artist for the show, Lottie, used Make Up Forever's Flash Color #1 and Flash Color #17 to stain the lips. An insider tip from Lottie is to blot the color with your fingertips to get the soft matte blended look seen on the runway. Finish the look off with Make Up Forever's Smoky Lash Mascara.

For the ethereal gold sheeny look on the eyes, Lottie used Make Up Forever's Star Powder #920 from lid till the brow bone. To achieve this look at home, she recommends to "pick your favorite shade, apply it lightly over the lid and layer Make Up Forever's Gold Star Powder over the entire lid and all the way up into the brows". As can be seen from the photo below, to nail the runway look, take the Star Powder past your brows, extending all the way to the temples.

Rodney Cutler created a voluminous straight look on the models' hair for the show. His inspiration came from a blend of the hard hair look of rock & roll and Thuy's collection which was soft and jewel toned. Cutler used Redken Guts to create volume and Cutler Volumizing spray on the roots for support. He showed me his own stylist's trick he used for the show to create hard volume at the roots while keeping the tips movable - just backcomb the roots with a soft bristled brush and flat iron the backcombed portion to lock in the volume.

Hair and Makeup at Thuy NYFW


The Iconic Blog said...

Gorgeous! What was your favorite show that you saw in NY?

The Jet Set Girls said...

Hmm. Hard to say, but the pure glamour of the Halston presentation was up there. Did you see our post on it?

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