Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kim Kardashian at the Airport

People Stylewatch posted another of our favorite slideshows, Stars' Airport Style. Black was a predominate theme, as many celebs were headed to chilly Sundance and, hey, it is a good color to travel in, after all.

We love how Kim Kardashian managed to turn a casual jeans and a t-shirt look into a stylish statement with high heeled booties, motorcross jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

Michelle Williams looks adorable after landing in Salt Lake City for the trip to Park City, but we would personally worry about flying cross country in a short jean skirt. One wrong turn while you're napping and you're flashing the plane your business!

We know that Ashley Greene is on her way to being a huge star and she's already playing the part. She's got the over-sized shades, a cute pooch in a sweater and someone else to carry all her bags, even her purse.

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