Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Orlane 25+: Skincare Aimed at 25 to 35 Year Olds

Orlane skincare

It was curious timing that one day a friend celebrating her 29th birthday asked me about eye cream and the next I'd be learning about one from Orlane that is specifically targeted for women 25 to 35.  Most skin care is aimed at women around 35 to 40, when the first signs of aging appear.  All of us are different; but usually you see small lines around your eyes first, then your forehead, then around your mouth.  Unfortunately, our skin stops producing the collagen that plumps up our faces around 25 and it's then that we should begin a quality skin care regimen.  With Orlane you can prevent or delay the onset of aging with their new Anagenese 25+.

Note: the biggest evil when it comes to premature aging is the sun so always wear a good SPF!

Orlane's Anagenese 25+ works with pro-cellular growth factors- their's are botanical and PETA approved-
which are designed to jumpstart collagen production and cellular renewal.  They also contain Vitamins A and C and other minerals to smooth and protect the skin.

Orlane's Anagenese 25+ program has three easy to follow steps: serum, eye cream, and face cream.  The products spread and absorb quickly, have a soft scent, and leave your skin smooth and ready for makeup.  I tested them myself for a week and haven't experienced any redness, breakouts or flaking.  My skin is noticably smoother now.  The serum (or Morning Recovery Complex) can also be used as a pick me up during the day.

Orlane Anagenese 25+ is available at Neimans and Bloomies.

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