Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review: Victoria's Secret Miraculous Bra--a Boob Job in a Bra

I'll admit--I often wish I had bigger boobs. I consider myself a small B. So when the new Victoria's Secret Miraculous Bra arrived on my doorstep, courtesy of Victoria's Secret and Robert Verdi, I ripped open the package and tried it on.

The bra is said to "instantly add up to 2 full cup sizes for maximum cleavage". As you can tell from the photos, no argument there! I found the shorter I made the straps, the closer to each other and higher my boobs got. The effect was sexier, while less comfortable. I do think the results are pretty realistic looking under my T-shirt and I do appreciate that the extra padding makes my waist look smaller. I joked on twitter that I now knew what I would look like if I ever did get a breast enlargement.

No surprise, my hubby appreciated the new me and even said he liked the way the padding felt.

Feel free to disagree with me, but I do think larger boobs are sexier. I can wear a dress cut to my navel, but when there's nothing to see, I think I look thin or, at best, athletic.

In all honesty, I'm a little scared to leave the house wearing the Miraculous bra! I get enough attention as it is on the streets of NYC (as does any female New Yorker who makes an effort about her appearance), I can only imagine the catcalls when I have a size D rack. I suddenly know what my more endowed friends have to deal with.

One of the reasons I've wanted bigger breasts is so that my clothes fit better. I do often wear padded bras to fill out my tops. But with the Miraculous bra, it was hard to find tops that would button over it. So I guess there has to be a happy medium somewhere.

For now, I like having the option of being little old "B" me or a sex kitten with a "D" cup.

The Miraculous Bra is available at Victoria's Secret.

Read our pal Dina's take on the bra.

This review was based on a free sample.


Style (R)evolution said...

Wow...What a difference. Looks amazing!

basho said...

I agree with you! Some clothes look too va-va-voomish if you have a bigger bosom; whereas someone with a B cup would like perfectly fine. Still it does look amazing!

wendywar said...

Woah o_o
I need this xD

tofupoo said...

thats amazing! i already have big breasts but i still would like to know what it would look like if they were bigger. i think its funny that you said you wish your boobs were bigger so you look better in clothing when i think the opposite. i think my clothing would look better if they were smaller!

Victoria said...

I am a Between B and C cup but Oh I love that new bra, at first I felt weird because it felt like a bricks. I was joking that this bra was the weapon bra from Austin Powers movie hahaha

Lizzie said...

Wow! That looks amazing. I wish I could also have boobs like that. Sadly, we don't have a victoria's secret store here.

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