Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas - Last Minute Gifts

Considering that only 60 percent of you had started Christmas shopping before last Thursday and the snowy weekend didn't help matters for all you East Coasters, we can all benefit from style guru Robert Verdi's tutorial on last minute gift ideas.

We basically haven't taken off the Portolano cashmere set of hat, scarf and mittens since we received it.  It's Robert's pick for the "Chic Commuter," and we certainly qualify! We love the periwinkle color. It's not the safe choice of cream or black, but is surprisingly flattering to many skin tones and hair colors. That's JSG's Annie, above, with Carolyn, modeling the popcorn stitch set.

True confession: We've never owned a pair of Uggs. But apparently they're still the hot holiday gift—and with good reason. As the legions of Uggs fans can attest, these boots are ultra warm and comfy. We're putting a pair of the slippers on our wish list.

Not sure what to get the hostess with the mostess? Robert recommends cookies from
Tasty Morsels Bakery. He's sending all his celeb friends cookies in the shape of his head (pictured top). Because, really, what else is there to give those obnoxious friends who already have everything they could ever possibly want, much less need?

For more of Robert Verdi's last minute gift ideas, check out RVTIPS on twitter.

This review was based on a free sample.

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