Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review: Clinique High Lengths Mascara

We didn't know a thing about the new Clinique High Lengths Mascara before we opened it, so when we pulled out the streamlined, curved, florescent green comb we were wowed. It's so high tech, it looks like it was created by those clever folks at Apple.

A mascara is more than its wand, of course. We're happy to report the High Lengths Mascara lived up to its name. The tines of the comb really allow you to coat each individual lash. It was slightly more challenging to use the wand on our left eye (we're right handed), but we think we'll get the hang of it pretty quickly. That's Annie wearing it below.

Available at Clinique.

This review was based on a free sample.


Kimber said...

How is it for volume? The brush looks nice and the length "enhancing" looks good too - any volume to speak of?

The Jet Set Girls said...

It definitely made my lashes thicker. If I have any complaints about it, after testing it a few more days, it's that it's not water-resistant. My eyes tend to get tear-y, especially on a cold, winter today like this one.

Unknown said...

Anne. I'm distracted by your perfect blow-out in this pic. I can't even SEE your lashes. I assume they're to-die. xoxo

The Jet Set Girls said...

Thanks, Amb! I went the the Phyto/Haiti benefit and a stylist from Julien Farel did it. I will be going back there regularly!

Diana said...

I really like the look of the mascara and I'm glad to hear that it thickened your lashes. Too bad it's not water-resistant. I sometimes change up my mascara based on seasons. This is not a good mascara to wear now but I can see myself wearing it during the summer. :)

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