Friday, July 31, 2009

Bachelorette Party Ideas - On Our Radar - 1. The Palms in Fire Island -

We're planning JSG's Annie's bachelorette party! For the month of August we'll be featuring a bachelorette party/location/idea a day. Got a suggestion? Email us at

Today's inaugural bachelorette party post comes to us from JSG assistant editor, Ava Hoffman, who recently threw her sister's bachelorette party in Fire Island, New York. (Yes, we do know it's July 31, just wanted to kick off our series on a weekday.) Here's what she had to say:

We went to Fire Island for my sister’s bachelorette party with ten of her closest friends. After much deliberation, we decided on Fire Island, because it is a great place for a big group of people to party and relax in the sun. There are a few ways to get there depending on where you are. You can take a van or a train (from Penn Station to BayShore) to the ferry. Once at the ferry it is a quick 30 minute ride. Sit on top for a great breeze and view. Click here for ferry schedules. No cars are allowed on the island.

We stayed at The Palms, a great little hotel that reminded us of a bed and breakfast – small, clean and right on the bay, it's a 10-minute walk from the beach. The hotel provides you with everything you need for the beach, towels, chairs and umbrellas. Stop at Whitney’s Market for a takeout lunch on the way, because you are not going to want to walk back into town once you are settled in the sun!

Fire Island is comprised of houses, both owned and shared, the beach, and town, filled with little stores, restaurants and bars. Going out is easy – you just hop from bar to bar, no lines, no hassle. Don’t wear heels! No one does. As for men – all I have to say is that I know at least ten couples, married and engaged, who met on Fire Island and lived happily ever after.

We played little bachelorette games, created a fun scavenger hunt type game, and of course made the bachelorette wear inappropriate apparel. For the scavenger hunt, we included items like, "Get a security guard to pick you up and carry you across a threshold" or "get a waiter to take off his shirt and take a picture with you" or "get 3 married guys to give you wedding advice and write it on a napkin." I even had cups made with a caricature of the bride-to-be’s face that we carried around with us day and night. Can't you see the resemblance?

Fire Island is an up and coming place for bachelorette parties. If you want to lay on the beach, party, have quality time with girls, meet guys and have fun, this is the place for you!


Anti-aging Reviews said...

You got me at the married and engaged, and happily ever after. I'm a sucker for romance. Fire island sounds like a rad place for a just-broke-up person like me.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning my sister's bachelorette for fire island for early July. I'm looking for some sort of day time activity to break up the beach time a little. ANy suggestions? I haven't really found anything relating to activities on fire island. we are staying on ocean beach. Thanks!!

The Jet Set Girls said...

Sorry for the delayed reply. Your comment got lost among all the spam we get. Do you still need ideas? There's not a whole lot to do on Fire Island aside from tan, eat and drink. You could definitely bring along some activities or play some games like Apples to Apples. Or rent a bunch of chick flicks and have a lazy movie afternoon.
Thanks for reading!
Anne & Hope

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