Monday, July 20, 2009

Chicago Hair Tips

Headed to BlogHer later this week? Get prepared for lots of B-grade swag, plentiful snacks and much female bonding. And always make sure your hair looks great, no matter how hot and humid it gets with these tips from Samantha DuRoucher, Senior Stylist at Robert Jeffrey Hair Studio for Sebastian Professional in Chicago:

Q: How would you describe Chicago when it comes to hair?

A: Chicago's neighborhoods range from classic to modern to funky, so I see a wide range of clientele. Anything here is really okay. But it's best to keep as simple as possible, because the girls in Chicago are on the go!

Q: What does a typical Chicago girl do differently to her hair when she goes out at night?

A: Chicago girls like to blow their hair out with a lot of volume and body. The best product to achieve this look is Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam, hands down!

Q: Are accessories like headbands and barrettes big?

A: I would say more like head-gear and scarves, like the big rubber bands that are worn around the forehead and hair....American Apparel/hipster style. The people in Chicago are more creative as far as accessories go.

Q: What are some weather issues a Chicago girl has to deal with year round?

A: Humidity! In the summer it is very humid, so if somebody has hair that gets out of control or frizzy in humid weather, I like to tame it with Sebastian Professional Taming Elixir as a blow dry serum and Sebastian Professional Halo Mist as a finisher.

Q: Is the water notably soft or hard in Chicago? If yes, how do you compensate product wise?

A: The water in Chicago is noticeably hard, so peoples’ hair tends to dry out. That’s when I recommend care products with a lot of moisture such as Sebastian Professional Drench Shampoo and Conditioner and Sebastian Professional Whipped Crème as a styling product.

Q: Are there more blondes or brunettes in Chicago?

A: Blondes!

So there you go. Are you going to BlogHer? Let us know how it is!! We hope your hair looks gorge!

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