Monday, July 13, 2009

Lingerie: MySkins Nude Lingerie

Whether you're wearing black, white or a bright print, we think nude is the best shade for your undergarments. While we do wear black bras regularly, it's been years since we've worn a white bra; most days you'll find us in nude.

MySkins is a new line of nude lingerie which comes in 20 different shades to match practically any woman's skin tone.

We tested their system ourselves and are very pleased with the outcome. MySkins will send you a skin tone chart, which we opted for; or you can print a chart from your computer. Next you find the closest shade to match your skin. We were #17 Almond. Once you find your tone, you can order one of their three bras from their website. Ours is the t-shirt bra: one piece of molded, seamless material from the cups, to the straps, to the back. Check out the picture below where you can see how the seamless sides prevent lumps and bumps made by tight elastic. The hidden underwire gives good support and comfort. We've worn the bra for a couple of weeks and it's held up well through the many washings.

MySkins also offers three different panties, in the same shades and seamless material. We have no less than five pairs of white jeans in our closet that we rotate constantly throughout the summer. Great fitting nude panties are a must to avoid awful panty lines and muffin tops.

You can find MySkins on line, The bras are $48 and the panties are $12.


Kat said...

Wanting those!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog cute babes in bikini

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