Saturday, July 11, 2009

Karaoke Taxi Grand Cayman

One of the highlights from our recent trip to Grand Cayman was the Karaoke Taxi. We were lucky to have the van pull up to the Ritz-Carlton on our way out to dinner. It had two microphones, a screen with words, a long selection of songs to choose from, and a very patient driver, Eugene.

We love music but haven't ever been mistaken for talented singers. Our friend, Meg, on the other hand got a kick out of us, since she sings in the band, Love Muffin. We started with Borderline (Madonna, 80's love it), then moved onto Rio and the Gambler. From the pictures, you tell we weren't holding back.

We regret finding the Karaoke taxi on our last night. We'd have used it for a tour of the island, for rides to dinner, snorkeling or shopping. In fact, we've already decided to arrange for Eugene to pick us up from the airport on our next trip to Cayman.

Eugene Pascual of Karaoke Taxi at (345) 938-0030


Unknown said...

I love the karaoke taxi. Such good times !The one time I had the chance to get on it, I finally saw that the 5 hours per week of practice on the karaoke channel online finally paid off ! It was about time ! Keep those good articles coming I like them !

GlamMan said...

Looks like FUN! I'll check it next time I go!!

Unknown said...

Was this a traditional taxi/car or can a van or mini bus be available? I'm trying to arrange transportation for 40 people from The Ritz to The Whard restaurant, and this looks like a blast! :)

The Jet Set Girls said...

It's a van that could seat about 9. Give Eugene a call and see if he has anything bigger. Have fun!

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