Monday, July 13, 2009

Privé Concept Vert Rejuvenating Pure Shampoo and Conditioner

I bought Privé's new Rejuvenating Pure Shampoo and Conditioner after my Keratin treatment in May. My stylist recommended the Privé products because their ingredients are organic and paraben and sulfate free and therefore better for your hair especially if it's processed. The packaging is environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials, and cleverly designed. The bottles are half as big as competitors because the contents are under pressure and dispensed as a foam: 40 uses per bottle which is the size of an average can of mousse. When the bottles are empty you can return them to your salon to be refilled and recycled.

The shampoo and conditioner smell great and the shampoo does a competent job of cleaning my hair of all those products with only one wash. The conditioner is light and doesn't weigh my hair down. Given that my hair is dry I prefer a deeper conditioner and have been using a weekly hair masque in addition to the Concept Vert. One word of warning, even if you have long hair like mine, don't be tempted to use too much shampoo or conditioner at time. Only a quarter size amount of foam is necessary as it grows and foams up much more than my regular products.

I would recommend the Privé Concept Vert Rejuvenating Pure Shampoo and Conditioner to any of my friends that love quality products, lean green (as we all should) or have had color or other treatments to the their hair. You can find Privé at salons or learn more on line at The shampoo is $28 and the conditioner is $30.

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