Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Convertible Bras

I'm an expert on bras. When we travel I pack as many bras as underwear: strapless, convertible, and halter, each one in black and nude. I look at the tops I'm bringing to make sure I've got the right bra and then usually bring extras just in case.

I have friends that are small chested and friends that are perky. I'm neither. I'm on the larger side and look great as long as the girls are properly supported. My favorite bras are the ones that come with both fabric and clear plastic straps and can be worn as regular, cross back or halter styles. Natori makes a great one (pictured above) that comes in black, cafe, and violet and can be worn as a regular two strap, halter, cross back or strapless and costs $50. Mine is in cafe.

Remember, proper sizing makes a big difference in the way your clothes lay. It's smart to have someone size you occasionally, Nordstroms has great staff to help.

Click here to purchase the Natori on line.

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