Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Travel and Hotel Room Safety

We've been appalled along with the rest of you about the atrocious video of ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews. Who knew you could be taped through a peephole!!! We will now bring Post Its on our trips to cover it up.

Here are a few other tips to stay safe in your hotel room:

•Always dead bolt the door, especially when you're alone. Don't think this is important? While staying at the Standard in West Hollywood, we were taking a nap when someone knocked on our door, despite the fact our "Do Not Disturb" sign was posted. We ignored the knock, then the person tried to get in, but was stopped because of the dead bolt. Turns out, it was the bell hop with our dry cleaning. What he was doing coming into our room when the "Do Not Disturb" sign was up is another question.

•Speaking of signs, never put the "Please Make Up Room" one on your door. That alerts other guests to the fact that you're not at home. A better idea: Call housekeeping directly and let them know you would like your room made up. We particularly love staying at places with 24 hour housecleaning, because on a girls' trip, you never know when you'll all be out of the room.

Read on for more Hotel Safety Tips.

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Melbourne Hotels said...

Thank you for the good tip you shared. Hope everybody will be aware of their safety in every hotel room they get in.

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