Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lia Sophia

Mena Suvari Lia Sophia

You gotta figure if celebs--who can afford to buy or are able to borrow the flashiest, blingiest jewels--are wearing Lia Sophia jewelry, there must be something to it. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe recently spoke with WWD about the line. She says, "Most people would never know if something is real or fake, and you can achieve a lot of drama for not a lot of money with good costume jewelry." Mena Suvari sure looks like a million bucks draped in Lia Sophia pieces at a recent clambake in Malibu hosted by the line.

Lia Sophia jewelry

Lia Sophia isn't sold in stores. You can order multiple quantities online or do what we do and order from our favorite rep Carrie at


Sydne @ ThinkThruFashion said...

I get so many compliments on mine. Some of the pieces are very hard to tell if it's costume or real.

Andy said...

What type of sunglasses are those?

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