Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bachelorette Party - JSG Style

A little known fact-we actually started this website after planning our friend Shawn's bachelorette party back in April 2007. We had so much fun going back and forth over details like which hotel had the best clubs, was the pool scene at the Hard Rock too young for us, where could we shop, spa and dine. (Note to those who have never been to Vegas: Those taxi lines are a bitch, so it's best to play and stay in the same spot.)

Well, now that JSG's Annie's engaged, it's time to plan another bachelorette! First up: Where to go. Do we head back to Vegas? Staying at the Barbie Suite at the Palms would definitely be worth another trip. Go to our favorite Miami to check out one of the hundreds of new hotels that has opened up in the past year, including the Fountainebleau? Stick with something nearby like Atlantic City so ALL our friends from New York and D.C. can go? Branch out with a totally new spot?

We're open to ideas! And, of course, you're all invited!!

That's Hope's bachelorette party, above, about 100 years ago, before we could even find Vegas on a map, much less get into a club. Note the Lifesavers tied to her shirt and the disco limo!

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Sarah Evans said...

Love this! I vote Vegas or Miami! So happy for you Anne. :-) xo

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