Monday, July 6, 2009

Product Review - Rolling Razor - Product Review

This Rolling Razor is an awesome concept and we really thought we’d love it based on the other reviews we've read and it's futuristic appearance. It seemed cutting edge (pardon the pun) and the idea made a lot of sense. However, after using the Rolling Razor a few times, we just don’t think it does as good a job as some of the other razors we’ve used. It took us a few times just to figure out if we were doing it correctly, but after viewing videos on their website, we realized we simply weren’t getting the results we were hoping for. And seriously--who wants a razor that requires a video?

It does prove to be avant-garde, but the true test is how smooth our legs/underarms were. Sure they were hairless, but not as smooth as with other razors, and the hair grew back quicker. We do like the pomegranate shaving cream that the brand offers. It smells fresh and it is less foamy but equally as effective as other shaving creams. So all in all, kudos for design, thumbs down for smoothness.


Madison said...

Thanks for the review. I've been wondering about it. I keep seeing the ads all over the net.

Heatherette said...

I actually loved the rolling razor. Its small, (fits in my purse) and get the spots on my legs that I usually knick with other razors perfectly. the fact that it stays on the finger gives me more control and gets hard to reach areas. I love it!

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