Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AirTran has Wi-Fi and Internetiquette

As of today, AirTran has Wi-Fi on its entire fleet. Now you can do a little shopping, catch up on emails, update your Facebook page and tweet to your hearts content while cruising above the clouds.

AirTran also released its guide to Internetiquette: "A guide to keeping everyone in line while they're on line." We give AirTran kudos for thinking ahead of the curve and possibly helping us avoid uncomfortable situations. For example: the bathroom is not your personal conference room; know what's in your photo gallery (family photos yes, Vegas pictures, no); and flight attendants are not tech support.

Happy surfing in the skies!

1 comment:

hot beauty health said...

That's very smart on their end since so many people use the internet these days. They'll attract more fliers now!

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