Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Air New Zealand’s Safety Video

Air New Zealand takes safety very seriously and they will stop at nothing to make sure we pay attention! By nothing – we mean nothing – because that’s exactly what they are wearing. The crew will be illustrating how to fasten your seat belt, what to do in an emergency, and where the exits are, covered in nothing but body paint. As of June 29th, this new safety demonstration video is live on all 737 domestic flights. As part of their “Bare Essentials” Ad Campaign, they have a YouTube Air New Zealand safety video, which has already gotten over 2 million hits. Whether or not you think this is outrageous, it certainly will get your attention. This time around, we watched and listened to the video instead of our usual routine of finding a comfy spot in our seats and flipping through a magazine.

It should also help break the ice on the Air New Zealand's Matchmaking Flight this fall.

A few months back, we got to see artistically painted bodies in person at the MAC Cosmetics party. WARNING: The artistically painted bodies didn’t leave, um, quite as much to the imagination.
MAC Body Painting

MAC Body Painting


Luba said...

I love these MAC air painted bodies.. where was this?? Very unique and artistique... not your typical, go-go dancers with corsette's painted on!!!

The Jet Set Girls said...

The MAC party was at the MAC Pro store for the Makeup Show back in May. We have more pics, but they get a little more graphic. We can promise you, our off the record Q&A with one of the makeup artists was very fun!

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