Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slips That Show

Even though we'll always love our fave LBD--the form fitting cut, the effortless style--sometimes we wish it was a tad funkier. That's why we're gaga over the line of embellished slips from Your Slip Is Showing. The slips are trimmed with ruffles, lace and ribbons that are very much meant to be seen.

The Head Over Heels Slip has a rhinestone skull. It's the perfect way to display you edge when it's time to meet the parents.

The lacy Sand and Garden slip adds a flirty Victorian feel that's just right for tea with the girls or first dates.

Here's how the Tickle Me Pink looks under a skirt:
And one that is similar to Desert Nights:


Anonymous said...

sooo cute! can you post some pics of how they would look peeking out from under a dress?

The Jet Set Girls said...

We'll try to dig up a photo for you. Stay tuned!

Plush Junkie said...

Maybe it was all those years spent as a burlesque dancer that gave me a penchant for parading around in ruffly undies. These slips are so fabulously raunchy! Love them!

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