Thursday, March 19, 2009

Julia Roberts on Allure and Letterman

There was a time years ago when Julia Roberts was everywhere and no matter how much we loved her in Mystic Pizza or even Pretty Woman, we were just tired of her. The other night on Letterman, we fell in love again. She and Dave were gushing over each other, her laugh was contagious, and her down-to-earth nature was endearing. She may have sold us before she said a word with the fitted white suit, sheer grey blouse, and red (or were they fuchsia) nails and lips. Wow! She surprised Dave and us with the pink streaks in the back of her hair. Apparently, her daughter Hazel wanted her to dye her hair pink, so she indulged her a few strands.
Below is a picture of her before the show (thanks to People) and Julia's carrying a light toned Tod's bag similar to the one we want.
You can catch up with her more in Allure this month and also find out how Genevieve Herr created Julia's makeup and Serge Normant continues to style her hair after 15 years.
We wish her the best: happiness with her family and success in her career. She's over 40, truly fab and an inspiration to JSG's everywhere!

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