Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Minx Nail Polish

Beyonce nails
Well, polish is a bit of a misnomer, since Minx is actually a metallic film and Beyonce is a fan. These sheets of polish that are heated and applied to a nail like a sticker last for up to two weeks. We hadn't heard about it until New York Magazine awarded the De Lux Gallery "Best New Nail Color". We knew Michelle over at All Lacquered Up must have tried them, so we checked out her blog to get the full scoop. Sounds like the perfect splurge before a beach vacation. How amazing does this silver pedi look?

Here's our question: how do you ever decide what color or pattern--like the red lace, below--you want on your nails for a full two weeks? To find a salon near you that offers Minx check out their website.

Minx nails
Update: While we still haven't tried Minx nail polish ourselves, word on the street is that it chips after two or three days. Pfft...definitely not worth our hard-earned cash!


gel said...

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Gel-Nails said...

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JennNicole said...

I am a nail Tech and have learned the application of minx. If the technique is not done properly it will chip, otherwise the product should last up to two weeks. I just changed mine in this time with alot of wear tear.My activities included cleaning, Hot tubs, the beach, and yes actually working doing nails.

Don't be scared to try this new product. A lot of fun and you will get tons of complements. Well worth the money spent.

Anonymous said...

I had my first try of Minx and had a bad experience. The first were a translucent type with gold webbing and they immediately began to curl up on the tips within an hour of leaving the salon. The right hand was especially weird as the tips had wrinkles.
After complaining, they redid my nails in the metallic. Although it was better and I have received many compliments-they also have worn and lifted at the tips . They are better than a manicure on natural nails but just slightly. Have not lived up to two weeks of wear.

The Jet Set Girls said...

We've definitely heard that they way to do Minx is either A) on your pedis or B) on a single finger, like your pinky, that doesn't usually chip as much as a ring or middle finger. We still haven't tried it out ourselves.

kellz said...

I got my Minx nails done on Saturday and by that night they were already curling up at the tips. they didn't cover my whole nail either. i did like the way they looked but within hours i was nervous about doing anything because of them coming up on the corners or on the complete tip of my nail. by last night (the day after) i finally pulled them all off because to me they were messed up even though people just looking from far away thought they looked great (until they saw them up close) right now, two days later i only have them on my pinky and they look great with the black polish i put on the rest of my nails. It is nice for one day events but the price isn't worth it in my opinion for anything other than that.

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