Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lash Stiletto Mascara Review

For our latest review on Maybelline's Lash Stiletto Mascara we enlisted a couple of our girlfriends to help us out (in this case they sent us a generous three tubes to try). The package is designed to look like the heel of your favorite stilettos and it's a good diversion from Maybelline's regular sorbet colored tubes. It's light rosy scent was pleasant though didn't sell us on the product in itself. The wand is nice and narrow, which made it easier to reach the lashes on the outer corners of our eyes.

Rebecca found that she liked it more after a few days of wear, proving that you have to get used to the wand and the product. Plus after a few wears some air gets into the tube and thickens it up a bit; making it a better consistency to apply. Normally Rebecca buys a thickening mascara like L'Oreal's Voluminous but a couple coats gave her a look she liked.

Meg likes her lashes stuck together (proving that separation isn't important to every user). She had to use several coats before it was thick enough. She liked the wear of the Lash Stiletto and noted that it didn't smudge much after a long day. She recommended this for a night out instead of long daily wear.

For my part, like Rebecca, I lean to volume making mascaras (my favorite being Bad Gal's products); but the Lash Stiletto did just what it claims-- lengthening, separating and a shiny black finish. The only negative I would note is that when I wear it all day, I notice some flaking under my lower lashes.

Overall for the price ($7.49 at, Lash Stiletto a good deal on a great lengthening mascara.


Kelsey said...

Ohh, I really want to try this mascara.. Thanks for the great review!

BritishBeautyBlogger said...

This is one of my all time worst mascaras! It was so disappointing - especially the implication that it might somehow give lashes a 'patent' effect - how fabulous if it could. It didn't have any noticable lengthening effect on my lashes or any shiny finish at all. I'm back to my Givenchy Eye Fly with relief! BBBX

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