Monday, March 16, 2009

A Peek Inside All About the Pretty's Carry On

You can't beat the advice that the beautiful Julia Coney gives on her blog All About the Pretty. We got to know her well on our cruise last fall and count her as a good friend and great resource. Julia loves to travel as much as we do, most recently to places like Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico and Greece. We can't wait to see what this honorary JSG has in her carry on!

I just bought a brand new carry on because I needed something a little more stylish. This is the Stella McCartney for LeSportsac Carryall. It’s a big bag that holds all my essentials. It’s so fabulous that I’m thinking of buying the pull 22 inch carry-on.

In my carry-on I always travel with the following:

  • Large cashmere blanket. I tried for years to use those small shawls that you wrap around your neck, but I'm always cold on a plane so I invested in a really nice thick cashmere blanket.

  • Slippers. I take my shoes off as soon as everyone is seated in my row.

  • iPod.

  • Laptop.

  • Cash (for wine on the plane). I'm not a great flyer, I need assistance.

  • Makeup bag.

  • Bottle of water.

  • Travel wallet with itinerary, information, passport etc.

  • Clutch purse.

  • 3-4 magazines.

  • The new Kindle 2 from Amazon - love that thing.

  • Clear quart-size container containing all travel size products: Caudalie Beauty Elixir, Bobbi Vitamin Enriched Face Base, eye drops, contact solution, Jurlique Hand Cream, Sally Hansen Cuticle Moisturizer, Solar Cuticle Balm, toothbrush & toothpaste, EO Products hand Sanitizer Spray and Wipes, Murad Soothing Skin & Lip Therapy, Crème de la Mer Gel, Molton Brown Relaxed Traveler Pulse Point Balm, Clinique Super Balm, NARS Multiple stick. (I don’t ever wear makeup on a plane, I put it on before I land).

  • Lunch and snacks. If I have a connecting flight I always pack a sandwich, olives, cheese (sliced), nuts, and good dark chocolate. I do not eat airline food.


Crystal said...

ooo i love the carry on! great tips for my upcoming trip!

Mischo Beauty said...

Great post- I'm taking notes! :)

rastagalNJ said...

How can you pack all that in that cute must expand.

Julia said...

RastagalNJ. The bag is very large. But I take travel sizes of all the skincare and it fits in a 3quart bag. The slippers fold up and the blanket is thick but very light. The snacks go in a plastic bag. I've perfected this over time and it really does work.

Anonymous said...

Julia's travel game is perfection...I like the idea to bring cash for wine on the plane - I always forget and all I will have is my debit card.

The Jet Set Girls said...

I think some airlines are only accepting debit and credit cards for booze purchases. I'm pretty sure the last time I flew Jet Blue that was the case. I like it, because you don't have to chase down the flight attendant for your change!

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