Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gillette Venus Embrace Review

I have a couple of trips on my horizon and this is the razor I'll be packing:
I've been using the new Gillette Venus Embrace for a month and I have the smoothest legs I've had in years. The razor has 5 blades and a large moisture strip which guides the razor across your legs. The handle is large and ergonomic making it easy to hold and slip proof. My set came with a ShowerPod that houses the razor and two extra cartridges. In theory this is a fantastic idea; but in practice I couldn't get it to stick on the marble tile for long. Subsequently, when I left the razor face down (which you're apt to do based on the weight of the razor head), the moisture strip would dry and adhere to the shelf. The moisture strip does a great job on my legs, especially around the knee and ankle areas without causing nicks; but it's so big that I had trouble navigating the bikini area.

Regardless of the minor drawbacks, I was so impressed with the closeness and smoothness of my shave that this is my go-to razor from now on.

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