Friday, March 6, 2009

The Best Boyfriend Jeans

Looking for a new pair of jeans this spring that don't cost more than your favorite pair of shoes? The recently relaunched Les Halles Jeans line is priced at $120 and under. The Boy Jean in particular has been selling out at stores around NYC and is a top seller on No surpise--the jeans are faded and torn just so.

And what's a jean line without a good backstory? Les Halles was a popular brand in the 70s and 80s. It was resurrected after the 23-year old daughter of the original founders was poking around in her mom's closet and found an original pair of Les Halles and convinced her parents it was time to relaunch the brand. Our only question: What took so long?


Carolyn said...

I'm wearing mine right now! Aren't they the best? A little big tho

The Jet Set Girls said...

Love it! On RavinStyle they recommend you go down a size for the best fit.

carolyn said...

I did go down a size and still too big. I recommended on the blog to go down 2. Pretty good for my confidence though hehe

Felicia Sullivan said...

DELICIOUS. Love the distress on the jeans.

The Jet Set Girls said...

That's because you are skinny after all your juicefasts!!! =)

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