Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michelle Obama Goes Sleeveless

We love the Narciso Rodriguez dress Michelle Obama wore on Tuesday night, it's our favorite color afterall; but she's gotten criticism for going sleeveless in D.C. in February. Yes, Michelle Obama was at the Congressional Address and yes, most everyone there was in a boring Washington power suit (kudos to Nancy Pelosi for choosing that cool shade of green); but she's doing a great job of picking what looks great on her. Ladies, we all know that means showing off your best assets and she has great arms. Better yet, we hear they come after hard work and sessions with a trainer, not good genes alone. Let's face it if she were showing too much cleavage or too much leg like Jill Biden at the Inauguration there would be a lot more uproar. Let's not forget Mrs. Obama got tons of slack for wearing a sweater over another Narciso Rodriguez dress on election night and she was outside in Chicago in November. She's got it hard trying to please everyone.

Photo courtesy of Instyle.

You'll find us going sleeveless in ridiculously cold weather, after all, that's why we wear coats and on really cold nights, layered underneath with a cardi we take off once we arrive at our destination. And our arms don't come close to Michelle Obama's either. Check her out wearing Tracy Reese on the cover of People. It's another great shot of her guns.

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