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Abaete Fall '09

abaete fall '09
We love when shows feature makeup and hair that we can actually wear.'s Makeup artist Tina Turnbow was inspired by 18th century equestrian men and used Tarte cosmetics to create the bare faced look seen above.

"This is the first time I used a man as inspiration," says Turnbow (below). "It's a soft, feminine, no makeup look."
abaete fall '09

Look like you've been horseback riding
She gave models a glowy look by applying Claudalie beauty elixer all over the face, before using Tarte's tinted moisturizer. Tarte's Blushing Bride Cheek stain gave models the slightly flushed cheeks of a woman who had just been riding a horse. To create more of a glow on the face, she used Tarte's Borba Liquid Sunshine gloss on the brow bones and lids. Tina assured JSG that this is a look we can all try at home: Apply the gloss with a thin brush very close to the lash line and add a teardrop in the corner of the eye. This will add a nice shimmer. Because the gloss is sticky, it won't move and get in your eyes.

abaete fall '09

Rock a 200 year old hair do
David Cruz for Redken styled the hair using a photo of an 18th Century French dandy. "I recreated the hair do of a portrait I saw," he says. David teased the hair in the front and styled a french braid with a bow in the back. "The teasing is all in the wrist--you need to do it really strong at the root," David says.

abaete fall '09

As for the clothes--our favorite was this gray and sequined dress.

abaete fall '09For all the looks from the collection, check out

abaete fall '09

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