Thursday, February 12, 2009

Salon Reviews Frederic Fekkai

JSG was treated to a blowout at the SoHo New York Frederic Fekkai Salon Tuesday during a beauty blogger breakfast. The salon is on the second floor and is light, airy and open. For the month of February, all Fekkai salons are offering a Valentine's Day special: a blowout, mani and makeup application for $160. That's a surefire way to blow your date's socks off!

The shampoo chairs allow clients to recline fully back so they can watch movies. The Girl Can't Help It with Jayne Mansfield was playing while we were there.

There we are with our adorable stylist Cosma. She's sporing the blue button down that is the staff uniform. She gave our hair unbelievable volume without using a curling iron, or a ton of products. We felt like we should be wearing Versace to pull off our full-bodied look. Cosma did say that the sexy French man himself, Frederic, is rarely in the salon. Quel dommage!

On the upside, Fekkai launched a new Au Naturel Dry Shampoo, so we can keep rocking this for the rest of the week. The dry shampoo, available at the salon and Sephora, contains cotton fibers and corn and rice starch to absorb oils. We'll let you know how it compares to our current faves -- Ojon and Bumble -- after we've tried it.

Fekkai dry shampoo, Inc.


The Lush List said...

Cool! Thanks for a look into a Fekkai Salon. I love Fekkai products and have always wanted to go, but, um... not happening.
I hope the dry shampoo is good. I didn't fare too well with Ojon or Oscar Blandi.

The Jet Set Girls said...

I have mixed feelings on the Fekkai dry shampoo. I like that it made my hair feel less coarse than other brands and I used it on day 4 of my blowout and didn't have to use it again (I'm now at day 7. I'm washing my hair today.)

What I didn't like: It's really messy since it's not a spray. Also, it only comes in white, so I really had to spend time working it into my scalp. It made my red hair a little dull.

I'm still sticking with my favorite Bumble & Bumble. Hope is a fan of Ojon.

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