Friday, February 6, 2009

Hello Kitty Launch Party

Hello Kitty Launch Party
It takes a heck of a lot to entice JSG out on a 18 degree evening, but the MAC Hello Kitty launch party that promised a fashion exhibit of Hello Kitty creations was the only motivation we needed last night. And much like the highly anticipated new cosmetics line, the evening didn’t disappoint.

We were greeted by the gentleman above, serving up bowtie shaped chocolate cookies. The answer to your question is, "Yes!" In all our years of attending parties in NYC, a male, tatooed, nail polish-wearing, dominatrix Hello Kitty ranks up there as one of the strangest things we've ever seen.

From there, we walked into a room filled with mannequins and models in the promised Hello Kitty designer creations ranging from Marchesa to Catherine Malandrino to Zac Posen:

hello kitty launch party

The frisky Rosa Cha model had all the guys in the house purring:

Hello Kitty Launch Party

Here's a sampling of the MAC cosmetics that were the excuse for the party. The line is scheduled to go on sale on February 10 online and in stores on February 12:

Hello Kitty Launch Party

That’s Tamar, JSG’s Annie and Amber, below. Annie is sporting shadows from the Hello Kitty Lucky Tom palette. Lucky Tom is a sparkly, chocolate-hued shade that MAC makeup artists report rationing at the Spring ’09 shows. Be sure to read Amber's recap of her meeting with Jay from The City. He, along with Lindsay Price, her BF and How I Met Your Mother star, Josh Radnor and Zac Posen were the celebs we saw in attendance.

Hello Kitty Launch Party

The Lucky Tom eye shadow palette features Creme Royale, Paradisco, Stylin' and Lucky Tom:
Hello Kitty Launch Party

We can only hope the 50th Anniversary Barbie Fashion Show on Valentine's Day lives up to the high bar Hello Kitty set!


Anonymous said...

I give you credit I was around the corner home in

Anonymous said...

Love Hello Kitty...not so sure about the Hello Kitty greeter. But hey, it's novel!

Advice Sister Alison said...

I think the collection is adorable and the three of you look like the three little kittens!

Well, maybe next time,. Sorry I wasn't there.

Lourdes said...

This is great. Too much fun. I'll have to post a link to this for my GFs.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate us but, we're not sold on the Hello Kitty phenom. Even Tarina Tarantino's exquisite jewelry couldn't turn us onto it. Maybe MAC's new line will finally break us but, as of now we remain anti-kitty

The Jet Set Girls said...

Well, Kitty's not for everyone, but Tom Cat is a pretty rockin shadow.

As for our love of Kitty, well, our 5-year old niece saves her Hello Kitty stickers for us. =)

Sabb said...

Do you really think Kitty will stay for any longer than a few more weeks? I am not talking about Japan or China but Europe for example. Feels like the teens and twens gave up on Kitty more or less. The only ones who still wear it are kiddies, real kiddies, aged 2-5.
Didn´t you notice the same?

The Jet Set Girls said...

The Hello Kitty/MAC collection is in celebration of Kitty's 35th anniversary, so it's safe to say she's here to stay. And we're not advocating that you go out and wear a HK T-shirt or even a Tarina Tarantino necklace. But if you're looking for some quality makeup in adorable packaging, then check out this collection.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

speaking of Tarina Tarantino i heard that she designed the packages and jewelry for this collaboration...i wish i got the bracelet from this but they are all gone! (sad face).....

Karen Keith said...

Glad to know most peoples Hello Kitty OCD is as bad as mine! I'm trying to block out the greeter image though. So NOT what I want to think of when I see Hello Kitty!

olga-LEDNICHENKO said...

Glad to see Rosa-Cha back in action.. Nice virbrant colors , as always..

i wonder where isabelli fontana is these days? busy with the baby?


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