Friday, August 8, 2008

Why We Love Purple Now

Back in May, we went through a blue faze, now we've moved on. It started with one little bottle of nail polish and, well, it's become a habit. Everywhere we turn we see something purple that's irresistible. Our mani/pedi with Don't Go There (Sephora by OPI) was perfect on our girls' weekend and the soft grayish purple suited the foggy, cool days in San Francisco. It's brighter and better for summer than the gray colors like Metro Chic that are picks for the fall.

Then we found this MAC shadow we've been wearing day and night called Illegal Cargo (described as a "mid-tone frosty greyed plum"). We wear it on our lower lid lighter during the day and richer at night.

We've been totally hooked on the Prescriptives Lash Envy volumizing mascara in plum. It's got just enough color to brighten up our eyes (and it looks particularly good with brown and hazel).

We bought a purple Aqua top like this one from Bloomingdales that we've worn twice in as many weeks.

And our most coveted find yet, this Miu Miu handbag from Saks. Can you blame us for lusting after this? It's gorgeous!


jdbsusanna said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous bag! I really need to take a look at the OPI collection for Sephora!

MR style said...

nice post !

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