Friday, February 27, 2009

On Our Radar: Prime Italian Miami

We can't remember a trip to South Beach when we didn't indulge in a great steak dinner at Prime 112. It has everything: good decor, celebrity sightings and people watching, a crowded bar, and most importantly fantastic food. The people behind P112 have opened another restaurant just across the street, Prime Italian. They still offer up plenty cuts of beef; but this spot has a definite Italian lean: Kobe beef meatballs, brick oven pizza with Maine lobster or ribeye, prosciutto with honey crisp apples, blue cheese and walnuts, and chicken parmesan soup.

The interior resembles its big brother's with masculine furnishings and dark wood; but takes on a more modern feel, especially with the prominent red leather chairs. The bar looks like the perfect spot to order up dirty martini-pickled onions hold the olives.

Is a restaurant alone enough to pull us down to Miami? We'll let you know when we book our plane seats.

101 Ocean Drive
South Beach, Fl.

photos courtesy of thrillist (also a great review)


Anonymous said...

Wow! It's making me hungry to read that. Guess it's time for lunch!

Anonymous said...

Very nice restaurant and the service was great. The pan baked half chicken in a Marsala Sauce was excellent. My wife had the Sphagetti and meatball and we were not impressed with that dish. Tasted like Chef Boyardee stuff. The bread that they serve with dinner was delicious but don't ask how many calories are in that sucker as they douse it with butter and olive oil. Will go back again!

April said...

We were just there a couple of weeks ago and the food was amazing and our waiter was awesome! My fiance and I shared the steak and of course after the salad and appetizers we couldnt finish the sides! We will definatley go back!

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