Monday, February 16, 2009

Vena Cava Fall '09

Vena Cava Fall '09
As bloggers, we appreciate the presentation concept because it allows us to take better photos and get up close and personal with the models. We love the striking Silky Orange Liquid Shadow Vincent Longo used on the model's eyes.

Vena Cava Fall '09The British Racing Green polish by Butter London is on our must get list. Too bad it's not available until fall, exclusively at

Vena Cava Fall '09Stylist Ted Gibson (shown below with our friend The Makeup Girl) created a Rockabilly Chic look for the hair.

Vena Cava Fall '09
"I want it to look like the girl went out one night, goes to work the next day, then is going out again. Except she wants a different look--wants to be someone else. So she teases it and gels the sides back."
Vena Cava Fall '09

More of the looks from the presentation:

Vena Cava Fall '09
Anything sparkly always catches our eye. Love how the cardigan makes this dress work for daytime:

Vena Cava Fall '09
Cutout dresses are a disturbing trend we've seen at many of the shows. JSG does not approve.

Vena Cava Fall '09


Anonymous said...

I sooo like those dress it´s just a pitty that the catwalk is so dark and with the background the real shape of the dress does not come out at first sight

The Jet Set Girls said...

That's probably a result of our poor camera skills! We're working on it.
Thanks for reading!

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