Thursday, February 5, 2009

Payless Abaete Gladiators

We have a confession to make: We recently bought our first pair of shoes at Payless. Granted, they are the Abaete Gladiators, which the style divas over Elle and Lucky feature in their February issues. With 4" heels, these babies are so undeniably hot, they may be to blame for some trouble we got ourselves into this past weekend.

But beyond the sexy stillettos, we gotta give props to the friendly and helpful sales clerks at Payless. When the first branch we went to was sold out of our size, the kindly sales girl looked up to see who did have them and even gave us a $3 off coupon for the $38 shoes. In addition, the stores have both carpet and wood on which to test drive the shoes, a complaint which we recently shared with ShoeSmitten. If Payless keep sexy styles like these coming, we may just ask, "Jimmy who?"

1 comment: said...

Oh My!
These are some HOT shoes....Payless?
I havent been there in YEARS.Nice find I may have to go pick me up a pair of these.
Thanks for the tip!

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