Tuesday, February 10, 2009

D.C. Versus NYC

We got a kick out of NY Mag's D.C. Vs. NYC: The Poll. (A refresher, one half of JSG lives in suburban DC the other grew up there and now lives in NYC.) We find it amusing that 22 out of 50 of Washingtonians think NYC is more morally bankrupt, while 34 NYCers say that award goes to DC. Another telling answer, only 8 NYCers say they would move while 34 percent of Washingtonian's would. Both sides think that DC is a more powerful city right now, not surprising then that both think DC is to blame for our current problems.

If JSG were doing the asking, we would have thrown a few more questions in. Please weigh in in our comment section:

If you won an expense paid trip, where would you rather travel: NYC or DC?
If you had $5,000 you MUST spend on clothes, in which city would you rather shop?
Which city is better for dating?
Where would rather go out to eat?


Beautybooty said...

I'll bite!

1. All-expense paid trip: Since I live in New York, I guess I would choose DC. Unless I vacationed (so to speak) in Manhattan at a fancypants hotel. Actually, nope - forget it. I choose New York.

2. Better for dating: I have never dated in DC, and I have only dated in New York. And NYC is... insane. People are insane. Gotta get 'em fresh off the boat before they're as jaded as you are here. I hope it's not like that in DC!

3. I have heard good things about DC's restaurants, but this is my home. I choose NYC all the way!


Anonymous said...

Definitely would rather shop and go out in D.C. No competition!

plushjunkie said...

Shopping in NYC (duh) on an all expense paid trip!
And I've dated out of D.C. so, I can say that the men and food are equally yummy!

fleabee said...

Sorry, ladies, I don't think it's a fair competition. What's the closest thing DC has to Brooklyn? Baltimore??

Michelle said...

I say look at the celebrity list in the New York article. Ours are sooo much better...:-) Not that you included that in your criteria....but seriously, since I already live in New York, I would take the money and stay.....in New York. Maybe I could finally afford a fancy hotel in Manhattan!

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