Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Bus Service DC to NYC

Tripper Bus began service this weekend from DC to NYC, specifically from Arlington, Va. and Bethesda, Md. to 34th and 7th Ave (across from the H&M, shoppers). We've already tested Vamoose with mixed results. Tripper promises new buses, comfortable seats, outlets, and WIFI; not to mention $1 fares. Unfortunately, when we poked around the website, fares available for the next two weeks ranged from $5 to $25, still a good savings over the train or plane. JSG's Hope is headed to NY to join Anne for Fashion Week and this may be her easiest way there. Check back later in the week for a review.


Anonymous said...

You've got it - the $1 fare is just bait. Tripper is Washington Deluxe in another guise. Vamoose is the best, most reliable, cleanest and most courteous and efficient service. You deserve the best.

Anonymous said...

I read the article and I was from the lucky ones to actually get the fare on tripper bus for $1. The ride was phenomenal! It seems like the comment was posted by an employee of vamoose bus. It shouldn't have been approved to be posted on the blog.

The Jet Set Girls said...

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous! Yes, you were lucky to get that fare. I looked for one myself; but couldn't find it, even within a couple of weeks. Regardless, I did take Tripper to NYC for $25(check out my later post) and had a great trip. I agree the first "Anonymous" comment was self serving; but so you know, we reject a large number of comments that are much more transparent. Thank you for reading and for your input.
Happy travels (by train, plane or bus)~ Hope

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