Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sex and the City Book: The Carrie Diaries

Sex and the City Book: The Carrie Diaries
Last fall we told you about the Sex and the City Book: The Carrie Diaries, which are all about Carrie in high school. A big thanks to the New York Post for giving us an exclusive sneak peek in between the pages. The pages they shared are all about her early boyfriends with a mention of a cruise to Alaska with her dad and her sisters and reveal an introspective, young Carrie. Can't wait to read more!

The Carrie Diaries is available on Amazon.

Update: Read our review of The Carrie Diaries.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to red the book--and see the movie!

Victoria West said...

I've already read the book, and it's great, I really enjoyed it.

Now, can't wait to see the movie, Sex and the City-2, in less than 2 weeks! ;)

The Jet Set Girls said...

I finished the book last night. Check out the review:

Victoria West said...

Wasn't the book great? :) I loved it so much, especially the end of the book, when Carrie meets Samantha in New York.

I read your review of the book -- nice.

And of course, saw the new movie -- Sex and the City-2. It was kind of surrealistic, with all that Abu Dhabi business. What I liked most in the movie is the way Big treated the Aidan kiss thing -- with sense of humor. The way he gave Carrie the diamond ring, which was supposed to be the engagement ring, since he didn't have a chance to give one to Carrie when they got married 2 years earlier. And also, the way he made Carrie promise him (as wedding vows she didn't have the opportunity to say to him when they got married neither), with the same sense of humor, that she would never kiss another man again, except for her husband. That was so cute. One big point to Big, after so many mistakes he had made. :)

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