Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sex and the City Book

Sex and the city flashback
We couldn't help but wonder: Why on Sex and the City does Carrie never mention her parents? Think about it, in the show we met Charlotte's brother, attended Miranda's mother's funeral and heard tales about Samantha's teenage days working at the Dairy Queen. Even in the movie, on Carrie's wedding day , there's zero mention as to who is going to walk her down the aisle or a visit from a sympathetic mom, sister of cousin when Big ditches her at the altar.

sex and the city book

Well, all our questions may be answered in The Carrie Diaries, a new book by Candace Bushnell set during Carrie's teenage years, reports People.com. The book comes out on April 27, 2010, Sex and the City 2 hits theaters on May 28. That helps explains the photos of the 80's flashbacks from the set.

Read an excerpt from the Sex and the City Book: The Carrie Diaries.


JR said...

Carrie's dad abandoned her & her mom when she was 5. In episode 65, "How much does a father-figure figure", she discusses it with Miranda after Julian tries to get with her in the Vogue closet.

The Jet Set Girls said...

Ah, JR. And here I thought I knew every episode by heart! Thanks for the reminder. I still think it's odd that it took until episode 65 for her parents to be mentioned and that she had no family at her wedding. Guess we'll learn more in the upcoming novel!
Thanks for reading.

Jaye said...

Yes, I agree that it's odd that her mother was never mentioned in the current context. Even if Carrie's mom was deceased, or they weren't speaking, it should have come up at some point!

I did recall right away about her father having left them, but do agree that it's odd that there was no mention of her mother, and especially at the huge splashy wedding! Or even any other relative???

My family doesn't speak to me, but I still talk to my close friends about them! Well, perhaps we will have our answers...

Thanks for posting this. I had last heard that the 2nd movie was on hold over an actor's dispute of some sort, so glad that it's back on track and coming out next year!

Victoria West said...

I also remember very little mentioning of the girls' families, not just Carrie's. Charlotte's brother in season 2, Miranda's mother and sister in season 4 (when the mother dies), Carrie's parents in seazon 4, and that's it. But when they all get married, no family present at the events whatsoever, or at least no mentioning of them

Victoria West said...

I read the book, and I enjoyed it. Carrie from the book is different from Carrie in Sex and the City the TV show. And now that there were questions about her family before the book was released, yes, there is a family, but not the same as in the show.


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