Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lead-Free Handbags

leopard print bag
Until last night, we didn't even know there was a possibility our handbags could contain lead. We must have been on vacation when the report came out in January that a number of PVC bags, including those from Target, H&M, Macys and Kohl's, were found to contain lead. (We're wondering if our PVC shoes from these stores are at risk for lead, too?)

Now, thanks to the Robert Verdi eco-tweetup last night, we know there are safer options, including the K.C. Malhan line of bags. Designer Jessica Singh creates vegan bags made with lead-free beads (Does that mean our beaded tops could have lead too? We can't even think about that possibility.)
cosmo coin purse

We love the leopard print clutch and the cosmo coin purse, both available at K.C. Malhan.

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This review was based on a free sample.

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